We provide comprehensive support for trading, PR, marketing, accounting, legal affairs, sales support, fund procurement, subsidy application, etc. to the Japanese and ASEAN markets.
This group specializes in “Overseas expansion of Thai products” and “Import of Japanese products”.

Marketing Service

・Sample product delivery support (tasting marketing) (Reception in Japan: Support from partner)
·Market research
・Tasting party

PR Service

・Online media PR
・PR video creation (reception in Japan: support from partner)
-Related EC media registration (free of charge)-There is a paid agent.
・Various advertisements
・Online (food influencer advertisement)

Sales Service

・Sales to distribution companies (direct sales agency and survey)
・Sales to government agencies, schools, etc. (Thailand cooperatives, governments, educational institutions, etc.)
・Online sales (register for online sales)
・Online (sold by Food Influencer)
・Sales to wholesalers, distribution associations, etc.

Trading Service

・Trading procedure agency
・Arrangement of logistics
・Domestic delivery
・Warehouse storage

Payment Service :Currency Exchange for Good rate for Trading

・Trade settlement agency
・Collection agent
・Sales transfer and slip management
・Purchase exchange hedge (use of special exchange rate)

Food Business Consultant Service

・Southeast Asian food industry consulting
・Food industry business matching
・Production environment management (farmland contract, OEM production, commodity storage)
・Production support
・M&A of food industry
・Food legal and accounting support
・Other, consultation